September 18th- 6pm


Canvas Size: 12 x 16
Cost: $25.00
Canvas Size: 16 x 20
Cost: $30.00
ALL SESSIONS are subject to CANCELLATION if we receive no registrations for the event.
The best way to register is online by paying a deposit of $10.00 or the full amount prior to the event. Those directions can be found below.
1. Click on the " Tickets Available" section and you'll be taken to this Open Easel in the QuirkyArtz Studio Square Market.
2. Securely pay the $10.00 deposit or the complete amount, which registers you for the class.
Instructions for a session begin at the time listed, if you have not registered, please arrive 10 minutes prior to the start time, so we can get you checked in and create your canvas.
When a session is cancelled, it will be removed from the calendar. We realize folks live busy lives, so we welcome walk-ins. But, if you did not register, please check the calendar prior to heading to the studio.
Click “Going” in the Facebook event does not register you. Sometimes, no one clicks “Going” and we have 10 people registered for the event. Other times, several people click “Going” and no one attends the event. In other words, there is no recognized social media protocol that people adhere to with regards to events