A few simple rules for the QuirkyArtz Loyalty Card:

  1. Participating in the QuirkyArtz Loyalty Program constitutes acceptance of all program rules.


    2. The purchase of an open easel, birthday party package, art lesson, or summer camp is required to receive a punch on a card.

    3. All punches to a card must match our unique punch.

    4. Punches must be made on the specific QuirkyArtz punch card.

    5. No punches will be issued during a promotional offer.

    6. Punch cards cannot be combined to create enough punches to receive the listed offer.


    7. QuirkyArtz will not be responsible for replacing punches accrued on forgotten, lost, or stolen punch cards.


    8. Punches are based on customer visit, not amount spent.


    9. Punch cards have no monetary value.


    10. No punch will be made for past visits.


     11. QuirkyArtz reserves to right to cancel this or any loyalty program at any time.