Studio Guidelines for Kid’s Private Parties

QuirkyArtz has become the “Happy Place” for thousands of adults and kids alike! In an effort to maintain that happy environment for all of our guests, as well as our employees, we ask everyone to please adhere to the following guidelines for kid’s private sessions.


-You have booked our Kid’s Package. This package was created with great consideration after years of experience working with thousands of kids and adults. It is designed to offer affordability to parents and to offer a fun, unique activity for kids.

It is not designed for adults and kid’s to paint together and here’s why:

Most kids have no fear of creativity, with some instruction they are on their way. A few need some additional encouragement and guidance during the session, but they soon find their happy place, too!

Adults need attention, some need lots of it and that’s ok, we have classes designed for adults. But, when they join a kid’s party, they can prevent the artist/instructor from providing the additional attention needed by some kids. Likewise, the party does not flow as it should and we run out of time for cake, ice cream and etc.

We understand, there can be times when a couple of canvases are left over in the kid’s party package and parents want to make use of those canvases – please, join the kids and have fun. But, keep in mind that we are here for the benefit of the kids and we are working within a time frame.

Finally, if you want to have a session for kids and adults we can accommodate you, but let’s work together in advance to plan that session.


-Your session has an agreed upon start time and end time. Please be on time for your sessions and plan to depart at the designated departure time.

You can arrive 30-minutes prior to setup for the session to help you get started on time and we allow an additional 30-minutes grace period to pack up at the end of your session.


-You are responsible for every canvas you ask us to create. We always plan for 10 canvases for a kid’s party, because that is part of the package.

We realize some folks do not RSVP these days, so it’s hard to estimate the number of canvases you’ll need beyond 10. Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered! We will create additional canvasses as needed as guests arrive –really; it’s not big deal! You’ve got a lot to worry about, let us worry about this part.


Thank you for you patronage, we value every customer and want your child’s event to be AWESOME!