Studio Guidelines for Adult Private Sessions

QuirkyArtz has become the “Happy Place” for thousands of adults and kids alike! In an effort to maintain that happy environment for all of our guests, as well as our employees, we ask everyone to please adhere to the following guidelines for adult private sessions.


Your session has an agreed upon start time and end time. Please be on time for your sessions and plan to depart at the designated departure time.

Being fashionably late for a QuirkyArtz party will result in you or your guests missing some phase of instruction.


You can arrive 30-minutes prior to setup for the session to help you get started on time and we allow an additional 30-minutes grace period to pack up at the end of your session.

Your instructor will alert you when your session has reached 1 hour 45 minutes, so you can begin wrapping up your artwork.

We certainly don’t mind you staying beyond two hours if the space is available, but you must inform us a week in advance and the cost is $50.00 per hour.

There is a $100 per hour fee for any period of time beyond the designated grace period on the night of the event, if you did not prearrange an additional hour a week in advance.


Thank you for you patronage, we value every customer and want your event to be AWESOME!